Lifting of the restrictive measures that had been imposed on the traffic of trucks with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons was decided by the Halkidiki Police Directorate, as the weather conditions normalized.

As recalled in a statement by the General Regional Police Directorate of Central Macedonia, the decisions of the Police Directorates of Imathia, Kilkis, Pella, Pieria and Serres were preceded, according to which the restrictive measures concerning the traffic of trucks with a maximum permissible weight of more than 3 were also lifted. .5 tons.

Vehicle traffic is carried out exclusively with the use of anti-skid chains, other anti-skid means or with special tires (snow tires), i.e. those bearing the special marking of the “alpine” symbol and characteristic M+S, at the following road points:

In Imathia:

-On the provincial road of Veria – Selio from 4 km to the Ski Center.

-On the municipal streets of Naoussa – Selio and Naoussa – Three Five Wells from Naoussa to the ski resorts.

-On the municipal road of Naoussa – Rodochori.

-On the provincial road of Verias Daskios from the 21st kilometer to Daskios.

-On the Veria – Sfikia – Rizomaton provincial road from 25 to 32.5 kilometers.

-On the old national road Thessaloniki – Kozani from 76.5 to 91.4 kilometers (Kastania).

In Kilkis:

-At the 2nd kilometer of the provincial road Kastaneris – Livadion.

In Pella:

-On the road network of Arnissa – Ski Center “Vora” from 10 km to the ski center.

In Halkidiki:

-On the old national road Thessaloniki – Ierissou (via Holomontas) from 65 to 75 kilometers.

-On the forest roads Paleochora – Taxiarchi.

The correct driving behavior of drivers and the observance of road traffic rules are basic conditions both for safe movement and for avoiding traffic accidents.

Detailed road safety tips are posted on the official website of the Hellenic Police, at the following link: