Salos with Rouvas’ statement about Lignadis – What did the singer answer?


Sakis Rouvas’s statements about Dimitris Lignadis, during his interview on a TV show, caused a stir.

The singer referred to his friendship with the director, who is accused of rape and sexual harassment. The statement that caused the outcry was that Lignadis is going through a “hell” and is suffering from a “pathology” that needs treatment.

The whole position of Sakis Rouvas:

“When this bomb exploded, I fell from the clouds. I really loved Dimitris. All I feel for Dimitris is admiration and love. This is how I lived Dimitris. This is my experience from Dimitris. It helped me a lot. He moved me. He helped me artistically discover what was called Dionysus in Bacchus. This whole period of my life has been shocking.

When the bomb exploded, I fell from the clouds. I was scared, I was scared. I felt very sad for the man who at that moment I understood was in a “hell”. I was really sorry. It is like your most beloved person suddenly learning that he has …

I want to be absolutely clear and truly on my own to dwell on this thing. I the person I met is what I describe to you. I do not know what else is happening or has happened. I am waiting to see if this has happened as one side or the other describes it. I can not be a judge. I keep what I lived with Dimitris inside me.

Even if what you say has happened, what the victims say, of course there is grief and sorrow, it is a tragedy for the victims. It is a tragedy for people who suffer from something. As drug addicts use substances, we embrace them and take care of them in some way. It is a pathology that needs treatment, help. Protect people who may fall victim. We must love all the people who can be exposed to these behaviors and those who suffer. We must love all people. The causes of this pathology must be investigated in our society. Let’s see where it starts? From what childhood? How a man gets to commit a crime.

I want to be clear. Dimitris Lignadis that I know is a man I love, I loved and I had an amazing time with him. What is happening to this man, I sympathize and I am sorry for what is happening to him. I imagine we all put our hand on what is happening in our lives, but I can not judge him, to say “oh the rapist, him like that”, I can not say that.

We must respect our own decisions. “That we live in a democracy, with some institutions and we trust them.”

He then tried to explain his position through his Instagram account.

“My words referred to the person I met professionally, to a specific artistic occasion, before everything that took place and became known recently, and which for me was also a shock.

As a father and as a human being, I believe that the victims are going through a real hell.

Only compassion, love, respect and support for the victims of all kinds of crimes, to which I stand.

“Finally, anyone who commits criminal acts is judged only by Justice.”

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