Reporting: Makis Synodinos

The apologies of the two arrested for the Greek Mafia death contracts.

Before the investigator for the murders of Yannis Skaftouros, Vassilis Roubetis and Dionysis Mouzakitis, a 39-year-old and a 21-year-old were foundboth expatriates from the former Soviet Union.

Of the two alleged executors, one kept the law of silence and said nothing and the other denied all the accusations.

After their apologies, both were remanded in custody.

The murders of Skaftouros and Roubetis are included in the clearance file concerning the Greek Mafia.

It is reminded that G. Skaftouros 55, also known as “uncle joe” in the area of ​​the Greek Mafia, he was murdered in April 2022 in his country house in Skourta, Boeotia.

Vassilis Roubetis, together with Dionysis Mouzakitis, were murdered in June 2023 in Piraeus, outside Roubetis’ house, while this particular attack has many similarities with the recent murder of Vangelis Zambounis in Neo Kosmos, which makes the officers think of Security, but until late at night no evidence had been found linking the two murderous attacks.

In particular, like Zampounis, Roubetis was also murdered inside his armored car, with a barrage of fire from Kalashnikovs, (more than 40 bullets), while Mouzakitis was followed by the executioners as he tried to cover himself wounded and shot him with a gratuitous shot. Immediately after, the perpetrators escaped in a car, which was found burnt, in the area of ​​Skaramanga.