Finished a while ago, the forensic examination of the body of 31-year-old Babis Koutsikos, in Patras.

According to his first information tempo24 shot by a shotgunon the back and left, with single-shot cartridges, used for wild boar!

The forensics confirms SKAI’s information that the body had multiple wounds from wild boar cartridges while the victim had also been shot in the back

This time the process of taking DNA is carried out so that the corpse can be formally identifiedwith his body still remaining today in Patras.

His funeral will take place on Wednesday.

Investigations are continuing at the spot where the body was found

Police investigations in the swampy area where the body of the unfortunate 31-year-old was found yesterday are continuing, in order to find evidence that will “bind” the charges against the 50-year-old. cell phone signals.

The aim of the police involved in the investigations is to find evidence, such as genetic material, fingerprints and objects, which could help to reach certain conclusions about the exact circumstances under which the man was murdered.

At the same time, they are looking for evidence that may “show” if one or more perpetrators are involved in the crime, while they are looking to find a weapon and a mobile phone.