The 50-year-old butcher from Messolonghi is expected to be brought before the investigator againwho has been adjudged a provisionally detained accused for the death of 31-year-old Babis Koutsikos.

It is noted that the 50-year-old has not been transferred to a prison, but is being held at a police station, from where he is to be taken again to the investigator of Messolonghi.

Meanwhile, Police investigations are focused on locating the shotgun with which the 31-year-old was shotbecause, as it is estimated, it will be an important element for the case.

The mobile phone of the 31-year-old is also being sought. because through the device that important elements may also emerge.

It is recalled that from the forensic examination carried out in Patras the unfortunate 31-year-old was shot by a shotgun.

Alongside, according to the Police, it was confirmed that the body, found yesterday afternoon in a swampy area east of the lagoon of Messolonghi, belongs to 31-year-old Babis Koutsikoswho had been missing since January 4, while Mrduring the forensic examination of the body, samples of genetic material were taken.