The road is wide open for the market of American F-35s from Greece, as, according to information, the letter of the American Secretary of State is expected in the next few hours Anthony Blinken to the prime minister Kyriakos Mitsotakisin which reference will be made both to the 5th generation aircraft program, as well as to the overall cooperation between Greece and the USA, as well as to the purchase of other special systems.

According to the same sources, announcements are expected even on Saturday morning, while on Monday it will be filed at Ministry of Defense the draft.

A period of 14 days will follow, in order to determine if there are any objections, and if this does not happen, on February 12, the negotiation between the competent committees of the two states will begin.

According to calculations, the signatures on the final agreement are expected to fall on beginning of 2025. As for the cost, it is estimated at 3.2 billion for 20 plus 20 F-35.

The receipt of the first aircraft is expected to take place at the end of 2027from the USA and then to the 117th Fighter Wing, in Andravida, where the F-35 will be based.