The founder of the social kitchen “The Other Man” and his associates are under control by the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, as reported by SKAI.

The Anti-Money Laundering Authority conducted a thorough investigation in the past period under strict secrecy.

In the conclusion of the investigation, it states that since January 2020, the founder of the social kitchen, together with his relative and an associate, formed a criminal organization, persuading a large number of people to donate 600,000 euros to the social kitchen.

Then withdrawals were made from the bank accounts where this money was deposited and also passed on to gambling companies.

The bank accounts of his two alleged accomplices were found under the microscope of the investigations, as he himself does not have a bank account, while all kinds of accounts, securities, investment data and investment products of the founder of the social kitchen and the other persons involved have been ordered to be frozen.

“If I’ve flushed I’m here to get caught”

According to what was reported to SKAI by the reporter Antonis Kritikos, the founder of “Allos Anthropos” himself, who is in Patras, speaking to journalists denies what is described in the conclusion.

“They are doing well and checking me, if they find the slightest thing, I am here to catch me” he reportedly said.

As the founder of the social kitchen, Konstantinos Polychronoulos, said, “it’s not just 600,000 euros. Over 1.5 million euros have been donated to the social kitchen in the last three years. Just the food we have distributed, we are talking about 18 million portions of food.”