Crisis in Ukraine: Concern over Greek agricultural exports of 36 million euros


By Gogos Katseli

They have caused concern in the Ministry of Rural Development the developments in the Ukrainian under threat Russian invasionas Ukraine is one of the largest export destinations for Greek agricultural products and according to information from SKAI, exports of fruits, vegetables and preparations in 2020 reached 36 million euros.

If we take into account the losses of 14 million euros from the Russian market from the embargo that has been in force since 2013, the blow for Greek exporters is huge.

According to SKAI, the same sources, in case of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, in addition to the direct consequences on exports to Ukraine, will cause a domino effect from the surrounding areas, as many countries such as Lithuania, Poland, etc. that import agricultural products from Greece, use Ukraine as a “hub” to export these products to Russia.

According to information, the issue was raised, among others, in meeting that Kyriakos Mitsotakis had last Friday with the new Minister of Rural Development, George Georgantas, while in the next few days a new meeting between the two will follow.

Vathi sources point out that it is a difficult period for farmers due to external factors, mainly the energy crisis, and if they did not exist, the productive sector would be in “uplift”.

On the front of the blocks, the same sources express their satisfaction with the fact that no “outbursts” and “extremes” are recorded in the places where farmers have gathered, emphasizing that it is an “acceptable behavior as long as they do not interfere with other people’s rights”.

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