New incident of violence between minors in Andravida. A 14 year old knocked his classmate inside the school with the rest of the children watching, laughing and filming the incident of abuse suffered by the minor.

According to patrisnews, everything happened last Friday morning at the Andravida High School, when – as the victim’s mother revealed speaking to the “Patris” newspaper, her son was attacked by a classmate for a ‘trivial reason’… “He was attacked inside the school, my son didn’t react, he ate wood… Some other children were filming a video and then shared it on social media…”, the mother of the 14-year-old student told “P” who, among others, denounces them teachers and the school management for indifference…

“The Principal and the two teachers who were at recess did not help my child… The principal didn’t even inform me about what happened … The child came home beaten and that’s how I found out … My son was walking around the yard with ice on his face and no one paid attention to him … Everyone was indifferent and no one notified me from the school…”, argues the victim’s mother, who herself remains shocked by the incident and calls for the punishment of the… culprits – who, as she emphasizes, are not the first time they create a problem in the school community.

“When my child came home beaten, I was scared… I left the house and went to find the children’s parents to ask for an explanation… I have also gone to the police… I want these children to be punished because they have created problems at school again…”.

The mother of the 14-year-old speaks of a pre-planned incidentwith her stating that “…all this was set up, they had planned to take the child to the back of the school, to hit it and video it». The 14-year-old student who was attacked is in a bad psychological state with his mother now following the path of justice.

The “Patris” newspaper – as it should have done, contacted the director of the school, who told us that he did not wish to – present himself, citing the degree of better information he should have on the specific issue.