He expressed his opposition to the Panhellenic Examinations system again on SKAI and the show Mismatches the professor of Linguistics and former Rector George Babiniotis.

“We keep our children in school for 14 years, they reach high school which we have made useless and discredited, because the teacher has no authority and we have transferred education to tutoring schools. This is a distortion of Education. Why is this happening; Because we all want to put our children in universities. And how does that happen? With the examination of a three-hour but previously a work has been done that has dissolved them” he stated.

“The necessary work cannot be done in the high school, the teachers have lost their prestige”

“This distortion cannot continue any longer. The work that needs to be done in the high school is not done, the teachers have lost their prestige, because the student looks at how to teach the introductory courses and no other course” continued the professor.

“There has to be some sort of academic baccalaureate, the student will enter the university with his performance from the three years of high school plus an exam (for example if he wants to enter Medicine or Law) which, however, will not weigh as much as his overall image in these three years. This is the fair assessment of an effort,” he emphasized.

“The Panhellenic court system is inhumane”

“I agree that we now have an inviolable system, but it is not reliable and not fair,” he said and added: “The system is inhumane.”

“We must enter the path of logic and the essence of education, in these three years the students must read all the lessons to come out with a composition which they do not have now. Also, the high school must find its role again”he said.

“Can a high school teacher now talk about education, about values, about principles? If he starts talking about these guys they think it’s off topic

“The high school paper used to count, now it doesn’t count anywhere, it is not possible for a course of 14 years not to count at all and for the child to depend only on the three-hour exam. Something can happen at that time to any child, then he will have to be examined again after a year,” he underlined. “There are possibilities through the topic bank and other algorithms there should be a complete balancing assessment that is fair and also shows the image of a child after three years”.

For non-state universities

Regarding the establishment of non-state universities, he said: “Personally, I am in favor of non-state and non-profit universities, they are not shops, no one will come to make money. The move by the Minister of Education to set exams was correct, because otherwise there would be injustice. The student of 2.3 does not enter. Here the issue is different: which big university will come? I don’t know what strength and endurance is needed from the ETHAAE that will judge who will get a license. There will be huge expenses with very high fees. It’s a complex issue.”