Four dead – including the perpetrator – is the tragic account of the unprecedented armed attack of a 70-year-old man, of Egyptian origin, in the morning in a shipping company in Glyfada.

Dead are owner of the company, the co-owner and manager and a former captain, an employee of the company.

The perpetrator was found dead in the basement of the building, with the weapon (carbine) next to him

“The attacker’s attack resulted in the fatal injury of three people including the owner of the company. The perpetrator who worked for the family was found dead in a different place from the three dead in the company” reports the press representative of the Hellenic Police, Mrs. Konstantina Dimoglidou regarding the bloody attack on a shipping company in Glyfada.

“The weapon of his illegal activity was found next to him and he had probably shot himself in the head. A further update will follow, while the competent agencies work in accordance with the Criminal Procedure to fully clarify this case” he said concluding.