Dozens of tractors from Thessaly, Boeotia and Fthiotida and the presence of thousands of farmers, breeders and beekeepers from all over the Greek territory, includes the “descent” plan on Tuesday in Athens.

In the farmers’ blocks there is a fever of preparations ahead of the rally in the Syntagma, at the same time as the negotiations and the “bargain” continue on whether agricultural machinery will be allowed in Athens and how much.

The Thessalian farmers seem determined to descend on Athens with many tractors and buses. It is estimated that the number of agricultural machines may be in three digits, as 60-70 tractors will be gathered from Thessaly alone, while tractors from Phthiotida and Boeotia will be added to the convoy.

The “appointment” of the farmers has been given for Monday, at Castle of Boeotiawhere all the tractors will gather, before the descent to Athens on Tuesday.

Additionally, it is estimated that at least 70 buses and dozens of cars they will descend on Athens for the rally. The number of farmers, breeders and beekeepers estimated to participate in the large – as everything shows – rally at Syntagma will exceed 5,000.

The government, for its part, insists, for now, on the negative response to the presence of tractors in the center of the capital.

Negotiations, however, between farmers and the government continue.

The scenarios that have been put on the table are to allow a limited number tractor in Constitutionas was done in other European cities, as well as holding the rally at least a few hours earlier, specifically from 2 to 4 in the afternoon.