The Platykambos tractors started a while ago in Larissa at low speeds and accompanied by the Police, with the aim of arriving in Athens on Tuesday morning. They will make a first stop, and then they will go to Kastro to meet the other Thessalian convoy from Stefanovikeio and Almyros. In the afternoon they will arrive at the Castle, spend the night, and on Tuesday morning they will continue to the capital.

According to sources of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, at the meeting held yesterday, in the presence of the police chief, it was decided the descent of a total of 100 – 120 tractors in Athens, but under conditions.

According to the same sources, uncontrolled movements of the tractors will not be allowed while they are in a demarcated area.

In particular, information states that at yesterday’s meeting in the presence of the police chief, the “green light” was given to allow the tractors to reach the Constitution, but with the following conditions:

  • escorting patrol cars from the roadblocks to Athens and vice versa
  • they will not allow uncontrolled movements of tractors in the center of Athens
  • they will be in a limited space in the Constitution

The goal, as reported on, is not to affect the economic and social life in the capital.

So far it has not been decided how many tractors will be allowed to reach the Constitutionthat is why during the day there will be communication with the farmers’ blocs.

The pre-gatherings – reception points for the farmers, from the labor unions and the mass organizations of Attica for their rally in Syntagma, will be tomorrow at 5:30 pm, in the areas:

  • Concord: Federations and unions of workers in the Food – Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Press – Paper and Textile industries, Unions of Workers in the Energy, Water and Chemical Industry, Federation of Craft Unions of Attica, Unions and Associations of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants, mass bodies of the municipalities of Attica.
  • Santa Rosa Square (opposite REX): Unions of Telecommunications, Couriers, Finance, Federation and Unions of Accountants – Auditors, Union of Salaried Lawyers, Media Workers, Association of Commercial Employees of Athens, Union of Private Employees of Athens, Union of Artists, Union of Cleaners – Cleaners.
  • Propylaia: Federations and Unions of public sector workers, Student Associations. Workers in the private sector of Health and Education. Associations of Training Students
  • Constitution: Labor Center of Lavrio, Piraeus Labor Center, Federation and Union of Builders, Unions in Construction, Union of Catering – Tourism – Hotel Employees, Union of Metal and Shipbuilding Industry, Maritime Unions, Unions of Dockworkers and Workers in Urban Transports, mass organizations of Southern and Eastern Suburbs, Federations and Unions of Pensioners, Federation of Women of Greece.

At the Ministry of Citizen Protection, the meetings are feverish, in order – as a senior officer said to and Makis Synodinos– the rally to go smoothly, without dynamiting the atmosphere, as the farmers are determined to descend on Tuesday’s rally with tractors.