ADMIE is proceeding with recruitments with employment contracts of indefinite duration, to cover 32 jobs with specialized qualifications or experience, University and Technological Education.

In particular, the following are announced:

  • 28 positions aimed at graduates of University Education, with the following specialties: Graduated Electrical Engineers, Graduated Mechanical Engineers, Graduated Civil Engineers, Graduated Agricultural Surveyors-Topographical Engineers, Graduated Environmental Engineers, Graduated Geologists, Graduated Informatics and Graduated Physics
  • 4 positions aimed at graduates of Technological Education with the specializations Graduated Electrical Engineers, Graduated Mechanical Engineers and Graduated Environmental Engineers.

Recruitment is carried out following a public announcement which is approved by the Supreme Personnel Selection Council (ASEP), as well as the sanctioning of the final results. According to the law, the receipt and evaluation of the applications is carried out by the ADMIE, thus achieving an improvement in the time required to complete the recruitment process.

The new employees who will be hired will work on the large projects of the Administrator that are critical for the energy transition of the country, with an emphasis on the expansion and upgrading of the continental electricity transmission system as well as the implementation of the island and international interconnections foreseen in the 10-year ADMIE Development Program.

The submission of applications to cover the new jobs will start on 26/2/2024 and will last until 11/3/2024. The whole process will be done online through the specially configured platform on the official website of the Company (

For more detailed information about the announcement and the required supporting documents, interested parties can visit the Company’s website opportunities/Recruitments with an Indefinite Term Contract/ Announcement 1/2024

It is noted that in the immediate future a new Notice will be announced to cover 87 open-ended jobsUniversity, Technological and Secondary Education staff of various specialties.

As pointed out in the relevant announcement, with these announcements the Administrator is taking an important step to renew its regular staff, given that the average age exceeds 53 years. At the same time, ADMIE is “running” for the second time the very successful IPTO Talent program which concerns the recruitment of young scientists with zero to minimal work experience. Through the new Training Center, which started operating in September 2023, it not only upgrades the skills of its existing staff, but also aims to attract new people and create the necessary pool of specialized technical staff that will fuel the continued development of the National System of Electricity Transmission but also of the Greek energy sector more broadly.