Assemblies will be held by the farmers who are in the Constitution with the approximately 120 tractors, to decide whether they will remain outside the Parliament or leave.

According to the report of Irini Dragasi, there is a group of farmers who recommend that the tractors stay in the center of Athens.

The final decision will be made in meetings starting around 10:30 – 11 am.

At 11 we will decide whether to leave, everything is open, said the member of the coordinating committee of the rural blocs, Yannis Vagos.

According to the original planning, after spending the night on Amalias Street, the farmers would take thethe way back in sections from 11.00 in the morning.

Tomorrow is Thursday the next appointment at the blocks, where they will assess the results of the rally and then decisions will be made about the future of the mobilizations.

Yesterday more than 10,000 farmers, beekeepers and livestock farmers took part in the rally that took place yesterday at Syntagma. Besides, and the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakiswho had earlier made it clear that the government has exhausted the fiscal margins to give something extra, described yesterday’s rally as a means of pressure that he will use towards Brussels.

They asked the authorities to institute agricultural oil at the pump, stressing that the return of E.F.K. that has been announced is not enough since the price of a liter has increased significantly, dragging down production costs.

Speaking of rural electricity, they want, as they said, the kilowatt-hour price to drop to 7 cents, underlining that the measures announced by the Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the meeting with the members of the Panhellenic Committee of Blocks, are not enough.

They also noted that it is vital to subsidize the purchase of agricultural inputs, fertilizers and animal feed to “be able to stay in our fields”.

They stood up to the illegal Greekization of agri-food products, stressing that there should be an “end” to imported products of dubious quality that work from third countries. “This year when the livestock decreased, where was the milk found and even the price paid to the farmer decreased?” they wondered.

In their report on the CAP, the farmers who met in the Constitution asked for the necessary changes to be made, noting that until today “we do not have any answer and a substantial solution” and they want the restoration of “greening”.

However, as mentioned farmers from Thessaly, a meeting with the prime minister is planned for next week, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. There they will discuss, as they said, issues concerning the plain of Thessaly, which was affected by the “Daniel” plague.

During the rally the farmers announced that they will continue their agitation until their basic demands are met.

“The tractors will leave here but the race will continue. Our blocks are full of young children with dreams and ambitions who want to live. We cannot leave them to their fate nor accept the fate they are preparing for them. Today we are here and we believe we have sent a very loud message in all directions. We want solutions. The agricultural movement took a big step this year,” said a farmer in his speech.

Another farmer said: “The fight is on. The tractors will be here today and gone tomorrow. We will go back to the blocks and make decisions about the continuation of the match”

While the president of the United Federation of Agricultural Associations of Karditsa, Kostas Tzelas, said: “If solutions are not given to the problems of the agricultural world, the struggle will continue.” He mentioned once again the main demands of the farmers, among which are tax-free agricultural oil, cheap agricultural electricity, the crackdown on Greekization and the revision of the CAP. “We are all asking for tax-free oil for farmers,” he said.

As far as the agricultural stream is concerned, Mr. Gelas said it should drop to 7 cents per kilowatt hour, stressing that “we demand it and we will win it.” Among the demands of the agricultural world, as he pointed out, is the subsidy for the purchase of fertilizers, animal feed and agricultural supplies. “Through something like this we will be able to produce cheap agricultural products,” he emphasized. He once again asked for an end to Greekisation, while in his report on the CAP, he underlined that “we have no answer and no substantial solution” demanding the restoration of “greening”. “Every time the CAP is revised, we get poorer. We are leaving our villages and fields,” he concluded.