Oguru Sushi Bar in SP renews menu with scallop, foie gras and centolla crab

Oguru Sushi Bar in SP renews menu with scallop, foie gras and centolla crab

Matheus Ferreira

Oguru Sushi Bar in São Paulo renewed its menu in January. In its three units, new dishes, rare in Japanese food establishments, are served in rotation.

There are two versions of the service, with variations in the type of dish available. The traditional (R$ 195 not including drinks), for example, has new features such as salmon jyo with massagô roe, which is a rice roll wrapped in a sheet of salmon with capelin fish roe, and tuna tartare and black roe .

Jyo and gunkan decentolla

Jyo and kunkan decentolla, served at Oguro Sushi Bar – Tadeu Brunelli/disclosure

Hokkigai niguiri, a portion of rice with Canadian clam on top, also appears; pancetta bao, fluffy bread with shredded pork; tamago furai egg with ikura (boiled egg, breaded, and covered with salmon roe) and shisso leaf tempura with spicy tuna, a breaded aromatic herb served with the spicy fish on top.

Simple and hot, the pancetta bao is one of the highlights as it pleases with its texture and flavor.

In addition to the new products, the menu includes an extensive list of starters, hot dishes, temakis and carpaccios — all ordered with the waiter. There are also sushis that arrive on the table all the time, such as sea bass with lemon.

For 2024, the restaurant introduced a second type of rotation, the Oguru Especial. More expensive (R$ 275), it includes all house items, with the addition of dishes made with more noble ingredients.

On the special menu, starters include salmon belly carpaccio with truffle oil, adorned with black roe, seafood ceviche, with octopus and shrimp, as well as black cod in miso, known as Pacific charcoal fish, from more intense flavor.

It’s also worth ordering the Canadian scallop, which comes adorned with a small piece of foie gras that melts in your mouth. It’s a delicate set.

Another different dish is gukan (sushi with stuffing on top) made from centolla, a giant deep-sea crab. Be careful with the dish if you are allergic to shrimp and lobster, which should be repeated with other items on the menu.

Finally, the most delicious dessert in Japan is mochi, offered in different flavors. The dough is very light, filled with ice cream.

Oguruo Sushi Bar

R. Campos Bicudo, 141, Itaim Bibi. Tel: (11) 3168-2056
R. Rio Preto, 38, Jardim Paulista, Tel: (11) 3582-8822
Shopping Market Place, Av. Dr. Chucri Zaidan, 902, 121 B, Vila Cordeiro. Tel: (11) 5183-7106

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