In the Petrified Forest of Lesbos, spring has already begun!

That’s why the Petrified Forest park starts its operation again this year from March 1st with more than 30 different plants, already blooming.

“Every year almond trees, together with the bright yellow flowers of the Sinekius, signal spring in the area of ​​the Lesvos Petrified Forest Park” says the director of the museum, professor Nikos Zouros. “Diverse flowers, with an unlimited palette of colors that have begun to decorate every corner of the park, making it an incomparably charming landscape of natural beauty, which every week reveals to us new ornaments that impress the visitor.”

The visitor crosses the new paved paths connecting all the fossil sites, which discovers the large standing and lying fossilized logs 20 million years old. Sequoias and pines, cypresses and oaks, sycamores and walnuts are some of the types of fossilized trees, ancestors of today’s flora.

The first orchid to bloom this year in the petrified forest is Orchis papilion aceasubs Heroic, which blooms next to shady phryganic places, next to the paved paths leading to the petrified trunks. There are quite a few species that bloom, such as spartan, daffodil, wild geraniums, pink and yellow daisies, various colorful irises, chamomile, calendulas and silynes, giving unique images with their flowers in the meadows and in the phrygan areas of the West Lesvos.

“A feast of colors are offered by the fossilized and modern plants, which decorate with their colors and scents the area of ​​the Petrified Forest of Lesbos – UNESCO World Geopark, proving the close interaction of the plants and geological formations that cover the surface of the island” he concludes Mr. Zouros.