ensured exclusive video showing the three perpetrators, who are in the hands of the police, to place the bomb pthe National Bank in Petralona at the end of January.

From the video of the security cameras operating at the National Bank branch, a man can be seen moving towards the bank in order to leave the explosive device at the entrance, which was detonated.

An attempt was made by the perpetrators to breach the metal security fence and plant the mechanism, which was detonated a few minutes after 3 am causing extensive damage to the facade of the branch.

In order to determine the identity of the perpetrators, the police collected and processed videos from the bank’s cameras, as well as dozens of other videos, with which they were able to reconstruct the itinerary which the perpetrators followed both to get to the scene and to leave.

After the three attackers detonated the bomb, they ended up at the house of one of the three in Paleo Psychiko, where the anti-terrorist service was finally able to track them down.