A fire broke out on Sunday morning in a monastery cell on Mount Athos and more specifically in the Holy Hut of the Zoodochos Pigi, which belongs to the Skete of Agios Panteleimon.

According to voria.gr, the first sparks erupted at 9.40 and an alarm was sounded in Kalyvi, which is located near Karyes. The hieromonk Theophylaktos, the only one who leaves in Kalyvi, was immediately removed without being in danger and 5 vehicles of the fire service with 10 firefighters rushed to the scene.

The fire quickly took dimensions and the goal was not to spread to adjacent cells, which were at a very close distance and dozens of monks leave in them.

Many monks from neighboring cells and huts, as well as from Karyes who saw the flames and ran to help, were also thrown into the battle with the flames.

Information from Voria states that the building of the cell has been almost completely destroyed and an effort is being made to save the holy temple.

The Koutloumousian Skete of Agios Panteleimonos is located on a verdant slope, between the monasteries of Koutloumousiou and Iveron, near Karyes. It is at a distance of only 20 minutes, to the east from the monastery of Koutloumousiou and cells, huts and Sunday dedicated to Saint Panteleimon.