On the morning of Sunday, March 3, 2024, the president of SYRIZA was in Argolida’s Sickle, Stefanos Kasselakisaccompanied by the deputy of the party in the prefecture, Giorgos Gavrilos.

In particular, Mr. Kasselakis and his partner, Tyler Macbeth, they visited her “2nd Tangerine Festival”, they toured stands with local products based on the region’s famous tangerine, while a resident of the area gave him the “Moon”, a beautiful horse just 2 years old.

Mr. Kasselakis addressed a greeting, while he talked with farmers and producers and heard the problems they face in the cultivation of tangerines and oranges.

“We as SYRIZA will be by their side, their support. We are changing, expanding. And we will work so that the region can be regenerated. At the end of the celebration, a pleasant surprise awaited me. A walk with the…Moon!”, wrote Mr. Kasselakis in his post, who was riding the horse and looked excited.

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Many citizens wanted to be photographed with Stefanos Kasselakis, Tyler Macbeth who accompanied him, and their dog, Farley.