The governor of Attica, Nikos Hardalias, is in Berlin for the International Tourism Exhibition ITB Berlin, in the context of which the Attica Region participates in the national stand of the Hellenic Tourism Organization.

“Attica is a unique destination, which offers the international visitor multiple experiences” said Mr. Hardalias at the opening of the Greek Pavilion, which took place in the presence of the Minister of Tourism Olgas Kefalogiannis, the Director of the EOT Dimitris Fragakis and the Greek Ambassador to Berlin Maras Marinaki.

“We are in Berlin to attract an even wider audience from the German as well as the global market, which is a key objective of our tourism policy. With a methodical and integrated strategy, we aim to increase the average stay and the average tourist expenditure in Attica, in order to achieve in practice the extension of the tourist season to all 12 months of the year”, said the regional governor.

Extroversion at the core of the tourism policy of the Attica Region

As stated in the relevant bulletin of the Region, Mr. Hardalias visited the exhibition premises and had the opportunity to discuss with industry professionals from Greece and abroad, while he proceeded to make statements to the journalists covering the Exhibition.

“Extroversion is the core of our tourism policy” he underlined. And he added: “Through a holistic strategic plan, we will elevate Attica to a leading destination worldwide, redesigning the strong brand name of Athens, which has established itself as one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Our ally, the unique strategic advantages of Attica: the valuable cultural footprint with dozens of World Heritage sites, the distinctive gastronomy based on certified agro-food products and excellent wine varieties, the excellent accommodation and dining infrastructure, the cosmopolitan islands within a breath’s distance from the center and – of course – the wonderful Mediterranean climate. At the same time, we are proceeding with major infrastructure projects, which upgrade the quality of life in Attica, so that the visitor can experience a complete experience, worthy of the image he has formed in his mind”.

As the regional governor of Attica emphasized, the tourism industry leaves a strong mark on the country’s GDP and employment, boosting the income of the average Greek family and workers in a number of sectors. “And in this national effort, Attica is at the forefront as a main and not an “intermediate” tourist destination, not only in the summer, but also in the rest of the year,” he noted.

Mr. Hardalias also referred to the encouraging messages coming from the global tourist market: “The data we have in our hands allow us to be more than optimistic. Official surveys prove that 2023 was a record year for Athens and Attica visitors, exceeding by 10% the “explosion” of 2019, while the increase in average expenditure and days of stay was proportional. The information we have in our hands allows us to be more than optimistic for this year as well”, he said. The governor of Attica emphasized that the satisfaction of those who visit both Athens and Attica is particularly high. “We are happy to note that 84% of our visitors declare their strong desire to visit Attica again in the near future, while 96% would recommend Attica as a destination to friends or relatives. These numbers speak for themselves about the dynamics of our country, but also about the high-level services that Attica offers as a unique travel destination”, he emphasized.

Four-pillar plan for sustainable and quality tourism in the islands of Attica

In the context of a special thematic event entitled “Greece, authentic and resilient” organized at the exhibition by the Foreign Service of the EOT in Germany, the Region of Attica presented the Incircle project of the Intereg Med program, in which it was selected as a partner, which is dedicated to strengthening the circular tourism economy for the Islands Regional Unit.

As Mr. Hardalias noted: “Climate change has changed everything. Responding to the new data, we are developing a clear four-pillar action plan, with an emphasis on the rational management of water resources, reducing the energy footprint, green waste management and, of course, environmentally friendly mobility. Our goal is to improve the quality of life on our islands for residents and visitors, to reduce environmental pressures on sensitive local ecosystems and to adopt good practices to upgrade our services.”

ITB Berlin is the largest service trade fair for the travel industry, bringing together hundreds of exhibitors from more than 180 countries every year. It is aimed at the German and international tourist market and signals the tourist trends of the year. Germany is one of the main traditional tourism markets for Attica, with visitors traveling all year round, with an emphasis on culture, local gastronomy, nature activities, sustainable tourism and wellness tourism, among others.

The regional councilors Georgios Ioakeimidis and Athanasios Orfanos, the deputy regional governor Christina Kefalogianni, the deputy regional governor for Entrepreneurship and European Planning Alexandra Palli-Giannakopoulos, the mandated councilor Theodoros Koutsogiannopoulos and officials of the Tourism Directorate are participating in the mission of the Region of Attica. The Municipality of Piraeus is hosted this year as a co-exhibitor at the Region’s stand.