The Medical Association of Athens has sent a letter to the Minister of Health, Adonis Georgiadis, regarding the working status of doctors, as provided for in the new draft law, with which it requests equality and parity between NHS doctors and freelance doctors.

In particular, in his letter, ISA states the following:

“Through this letter we wish to express our views on article 7 of the new draft law of the Ministry of Health entitled “Public health actions – Arrangements to strengthen the National Health System“.

The above provision of the possibility of practicing private work for medical professionals National Health System, for which we have presented our views, it should also apply in the opposite direction, taking the corresponding care also for the private freelance doctors, who wish to offer their medical services to the NHS Hospitals.

The firm position of the Athens Medical Association is that all doctors, both those who serve in the Public Sector and private freelancers, are equal in their scientific expertise. We have emphasized this many times in the question of the equivalence of medical certificates.

Consequently, we believe that for reasons of equality and equity, there should be a relevant provision and private doctors should also be given the opportunity to provide their medical services to the NHS Hospitals, as freelancers, thus enhancing the better service of the citizens”.