The ban of every outdoor public assembly for today, from 2 p.m. until 12 midnight, in the historical center of Thessaloniki, EL.AS announced. The relevant decision was taken by the director of the Thessaloniki Police Department.

The specific prohibition is imposed “since in view of the realization of announced assemblies there is a serious threat to public safety due to the possible commission of serious crimes, in particular against life, physical integrity and property and there is a serious threat of disruption of socio-economic life, vehicular and pedestrian traffic, as well as the operation of the infrastructure and public facilities in the demarcated and most central area of ​​the city” as stated in the relevant announcement.

CAn online call for a protest rally has been posted at 7pm outside the “Olympion” Cinema, on the occasion of the poster of the documentary “Stray Bodies”, which depicts a half-naked pregnant woman crucified. The film is to be screened tonight at the Thessaloniki Documentary Festival.

According to the Police announcement, the above ban applies to the following streets: Nikis Street – 30th October – September 3rd – Stratou Street – Angelaki – Egnatia – M. Gennadiou – Philippou – Chalkeon – Egnatia – Monastiriou – Tantalou – Kazantzakis – Rebirth – 26th October – Karatasou – N. Kountouriotou – St. Nikis, as well as in the square – monument of the White Tower of Thessaloniki and the adjacent square of statues of M. Alexandros and K. Karamanlis, in their entire extent, which is bounded by the streets L. Nikis – 30th of October (up to the point where 30th of October intersects with the street of 3th of September) and throughout the paved beach, enclosed by the above streets.