The streets of Naxos… were flooded with people for the torchlight processions, since the custom is a trademark of the Aegean island. Night turned to day as carnival revelers poured into the streets with torches in hand.

An integral part of the carnival celebrations for 29 years now, the Torchlight Parade tends to create tradition.

As every year, so too this year young and old dressed accordingly, held torches in their hands and gave a different color to this year’s 4-day Halloween.

How did the event begin?

The Torchlight Parade started the 1994 from the film club of Naxos and takes place on the Saturday before the last Sunday of Halloween.

50 people participated in the first torch relay, arriving today 2,000 torchbearers.

It was created by the need of some to “release” through primal screams under the sound of percussion and bring to today the emotion of Dionysian celebration. The goal is to ignite thousands torches who will bring light, exorcising evil.

Participants paint their faces with white and black paint, wear white tunics and go wild drinking raki and dancing to the rhythm of drums.

Anyone who wants can participate and feel the pulse of the procession, as long as they are willing to leave themselves in the hands of the volunteers who undertake the facepainting and don the ancient tunic over the conventional clothes. In one hand the torch, in the other the raki, and the celebration begins…