AADE Customs Inspectors proceeded to identify and seize significant quantities (252,000 kg) of dangerous solvents, used for fuel adulteration, in two places, in Patras and Evzoni.


a) At the Patras Customs Office, they detected nine drums, originating from a Community country with a suspicious cargo. They sent a sample to the Chemist, and from the analysis it was found that these are dangerous solvents, used to adulterate fuels.

The 229,000 kilograms of solvents had been falsely declared under other product codes.

The relevant taxes and fees are determined at 300,000 euros.


b) At the Evzones Customs Office, after searching a tanker with Bulgarian plates, inspectors found that:
• The tanker was carrying 23,000 kg of solvents which, when mixed with petrol, are used to create adulterated petrol engine fuel.
• The recipient company did not have actual facilities in the area it declared as its headquarters, in Thessaloniki.
• The place of delivery of the goods was known to the authorities from a previous case of smuggling chemical solvents and ethyl alcohol, in which the owner of the place was involved -among others.


The total amount of duties and taxes evaded was determined at 30,000 euros.
Tractor, tank and product seized.