More than 60,000 carnival goers they conveyed for about six hours the optimistic and hopeful message of joy for life, offering at the same time, during the grand parade, a unique spectacle with their ingenuity, dancing and singing. In fact, the rain that fell from time to time was not able to deter the carnivalists, nor the thousands of visitors watching the parade.

The carnival parade started with the folk music of the Municipality of Patreon playing carnival rhythms and the cheerleaders, followed by the floats of the carnival workshop.

In particular, the “Propompos”, the “Carnival King”, the float with the “Queen” of the 2024 paternal carnival, Georgia Sakka, the flower float with 30,000 carnations, the “Smile” inspired by the old silent cinema, the ” Circus Dancers’, ‘John Lennon’ with Flower and Peace Children, as well as children’s carnival floats, ‘Carnival Baby’, ‘Imaginary Journey’, ‘Carousel’, ‘Moon’, ‘Dog’ “, “Centipede”, “Inguana” and “Circus”.

Then they marched the 181 crew of “Hidden Treasure” with their stunning outfits and inspired hats and accessories. In fact, several of the crews had created, with humor, aesthetics and imagination, chariots, inventive – imaginative wheeled constructions, but also micro constructions.
The thousands of carnival-goers, with colorful and torrential momentum, created a river of joy, captivating the eyes of thousands of spectators, who had flooded the sidewalks, Georgiou Square and the balconies of the apartment buildings in the city center.


The grand parade ended with the unchanged over the years custom of the chocolate war, leaving the… sweeter taste to the thousands of viewers.

This year’s patrine carnival ends at 9:00 in the evening, where the closing ceremony will take place on the pier of Agios Nikolaos, in the northern port, with central elements being the burning of the carnival king and the launching of fireworks. It will be followed by a one-hour concert by Heaven on Mars, who will take the audience on a journey to the 80’s, while the party will continue until the early hours of the morning with DJs Michalis Tsausopoulos and Costas Zikos.