In the revelation that in the new incidents where the red signal was violated, after the accident in Tempi, the train drivers are mainly responsible according to the conclusion of Hellenic Train, the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport proceeded through SKAI 100.3 Christos Staikouras.

“In the incident of December 23, 2023 when the remote control worked, Hellenic Train’s conclusion states that the driver was at fault,” said Mr. Staikouras.

“All three incidents that have seen the light of day have approximately the same answer,” he said characteristically.

Mr. Staikouras spoke about a recurring situation that requires the assumption of responsibility mainly by Hellenic Train and by OSE, where it is responsible.

“Initiatives have been taken by OSE and Hellenic Train after the last incidents so that there is more attention from the drivers and employees of OSE” said Mr. Staikouras.

Asked about the unguarded level crossings on the railway, stated that a specific request has been made to the OSE in order to have a complete picture of the crossings in order to take specific actions in the next period of time, so that we can be sure of the safe passage of vehicles and citizens. He pointed out, that in relation to the outside “we are far behind”.

He also stated that several incidents of wheel wear and material wear were found in the previous period.
He said that the Railway Regulatory Authority has been asked to have a clear conclusion with what has come to their attention.

He announced at the same time that in in the next two years there will be double line and remote control in the track Domokos – Larisa which has been destroyed by Daniel.

He estimated that at the end of April, the first 250 electric buses will be in circulation in Athens and Thessaloniki, since, as he mentioned, the chargers have arrived and the charging stations are pending.