Two “incredibly playful” snow leopards have arrived at a Cheshire zoo for the first time in 93 years, with their arrival providing a “sliver of hope” for the survival of a mammal species that has been under significant threat in recent years.

The zoo is now home to male Yashin and female Nubra, who is just over 18 months old.

The pair of leopards came from zoos in Europe after being carefully matched as part of a major breeding program.

Conservationists said the pair have “really hit it off” as they begin exploring their new home at the zoo.

“Over time, we hope they will continue to mate and have young together,” said Mike Jordan, director of animals and plants at the zoo.


It is worth noting that the snow leopards were able to be accommodated in the zoo by creating a new habitat (which contains more than 600 tons of stone and rock to resemble the terrain of the wild nature of the Himalayan mountains where they live), in the facilities .

The immersive habitat features two large outdoor areas with rocky outcrops, shallow cave shelters, ledges and sheer cliffs to recreate the wilderness experience.