On March 29 the Joint Jury which for 14 months is judging Roula Pispirigou on the death of her first-born daughter, Georgina, will announce his verdict for the woman accused of poisoning her child.

The court, before which the marathon admonition of the defendant’s counsel, Alexis Kouya, let me know how next Friday after 11 in the morning, the accused, the father of the children and the factors of the trial will hear the decision of the judges as to the guilt or not of Roula Pispirigou.

After the long process that preceded, with very frequent tensions and high tones, with the examination of dozens of witnesses, doctors, nurses and specialized scientists, the three ordinary judges and the four jurors will announce whether they accept the charge that wants 9-year-old Georgina to be in danger of losing her her life and eventually succumbing to a strong dose of ketamine given to her by her mother or if they adopt the defendant’s position that there are other reasons why the little girl went missing.

The prosecution proposal that the judges will consider asks them to declare Roula Pispirigou guilty as charged: attempted and intentional homicide against Georgina Daskalaki. “Georgina had the misfortune of having an accused mother” the Prosecutor said in her lengthy hearing, who requested that the 35-year-old be found guilty and that the court not accept “the contradictions of the accused which do not stand up to logic”.