Their support for the dean of the Faculty of Applied Sciences of the AUTH, Professor Hara-Myrto-Agapi Charalambous, is expressed by her colleagues in the Foundation’s Committee of Deans, speaking for a campaign of intimidation against her after the recent police operation.

In unanimous resolution issued by the Committee specifically states: “On the occasion of the intimidation campaign launched against the Dean of the Faculty of Science of AUTH, in order not to testify before the Greek Court what it knows from its position about the dramatic effects of the occupations in its School, the Committee of Deans of AUTH, in addition to the self-evident support it expresses, notes with regret that the exercise of administrative duties in the HEIs of the country involves asymmetric risks, which is not experienced by any other single-person academic body in the entire developed world, and is particularly concerned about the future of the public University, free access to which constitutes a non-negotiable right of the University community, which cannot depend on the decision of any collective body” .