Targeted job search, resumes that fit the position to be filled and high morale are some of the recommendations given by Career Guidance, Empowerment and Human Resources Consultant, Christy Costaras, to those looking for work. Speaking to APE – BPE, he points out that this path is very interesting, emphasizes that there are many parameters and underlines meaningfully: “to find a job, we usually emphasize the external environment (the crisis, the current economic situation that prevails, the data of job offer etc.), while 80% of our success is influenced by our internal environment – by who we are, how hard we try, if we do it right, if we believe in ourselves”.

According to her, the first step for everyone is to discover their talents, to find who they really are and what suits them as, as she says, “when you try to do something professionally that you are good at, the chances of success increase and be good at what he does.”

The right resume

Regarding the resume, he points out that it should adequately describe the holder and correspond to the jobs that are desired to be filled. “In my meeting with one lady, I asked her to tell me why she loves what she wants to do, what she aspires to do and how she would describe herself. I wrote down what she told me, trying to capture it in a way that represented her. When I read them to her, she responded enthusiastically: “that’s me” and indeed this should appear on the CV”, he says. At the same time, he emphasizes that under no circumstances should a resume contain false information and information that does not correspond to reality, while on the contrary it should correctly describe the potential of the candidate employee.

What does targeted search mean?

“Some say that the more CVs you send, the more likely you are to get a job. I am totally against it. As a recruiter and staffing professional, I’ve seen resumes that don’t match the job being filled. If a company needs an engineer, who can sign, no matter how wonderful a person a chef is, he is not going to be called for an interview. For this reason, it is not good for someone to put themselves through a process of frustration and frustration for no reason, in a process that is soul-destroying anyway and includes rejection,” he comments. In this context, he recommends sending resumes only for jobs that correspond to a person’s qualifications, mobilizing in an advertisement only when a candidate has seven of the ten qualifications it asks for, using Linkedin to search for job opportunities, but also adoption of the solution of employment agencies, which connect the employer who is looking for and the employee who is looking for.

Not in the trap of managers without experience

On the occasion of the search for a manager even without previous experience by many companies – very often some startups – Ms. Kostara believes that experience is necessary for a role of responsibility and adds: “knowledge and talent are very useful, however as one evolves, the more one can assume more responsible positions. But if one is flattered by such a position and begins, later he will fatally stumble. Something like that can knock his confidence and it’s a shame to have this happen to him in the early stages of his career.”

Advice for young and old

He generally believes that “getting a job has never been easy for anyone” and gives different advice for young people as well as older people, depending on the challenges they have to face. For the younger ones, who have no experience, the simplest instruction, according to her, is to look for entry level – junior level ads and keep in mind that they will start building their career step by step. Addressing older people, she recommends keeping the mindset that existed in the past because, she says, employers want it and are looking for it. “Younger children – and they are doing well, they are more restless, have more mobility, while an older person can respond to the desire of employers for long-term partnerships and thus increase the chances of their conclusion” he notes.

The Career Orientation, Empowerment and Human Resources Consultant distinguishes from her career path the case of a man who with proper guidance was hired during the interview and the path of a multi-talented person who resigned from a large company, remained unemployed for a long time and with the targeting that he did consciously and organized, he found a job in a private company and declares that he is very happy at work. He also remembers a woman who, while working for years in the public sector, resigned, made her own space as a potter and made a living from this profession. “When people set goals and focus their energy and efforts on them, the venture always ends positively,” he points out meaningfully.