Case of non-issuance of receipts and concealment of taxable material through buying expensive wristwatches from an ophthalmologist in the area was investigated by the Economic Police Sub-Directorate of Northern Greece.

In particular, as it emerged from the research, during the years 2019 to 2024 the doctor had acquired 23 wristwatches, with a total value of 161,300 euros, which were not justified by his declared income.

The relevant D.O.Y. will be informed of the resulting violations. for the imposition of the corresponding administrative sanctions.

It is reminded that citizens can contact, anonymously or by name, the telephone number 11012 or the website of the Greek State ( “Complaint for financial crimes”, to provide information or to report illegal and fraudulent actions or activities against the sector of the economy, public property, as well as social and insurance welfare and rights.