The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, in cooperation with the Ministry of Tourism, proceeded with the re-establishment of the Air Tourism Committee.

The Committee will have as its object the strengthening of air tourism, the search and submission of proposals for taking initiatives for the development, promotion, dissemination and improvement of air tourism conditions, for the utilization and strengthening of the infrastructure, regional airports, landing fields and take off.

Its responsibilities also include the submission of proposals, opinions and legislative reforms.

The following have been appointed as members of the Air Tourism Committee:

1. Ioannis Xifaras, General Secretary of Transport, Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport,

2. Eleni Rapti, Deputy Minister of Tourism,

3. Christos Tsitouras, Commander of the Civil Aviation Authority,

4. Georgios Sounatsos, Commander of the Civil Aviation Service

5. Sotirios Diamantopoulos, Lawyer,

6. Athina Babakou, Head of the Strategic Planning Directorate of the Ministry of Tourism,

7. Konstantinos Katsanevas, Lawyer, partner of the Deputy Minister of Tourism,

8. Kyprianos Biris, President of AOPA HELLAS,

9. Christos Leontopoulos, Representative of the Panhellenic Union of Pilots,

10. Dimitrios Lymperakis, CEO of Lydia General Airport,

11. Spyridon Xerias, Head of Operation of Amateur Pilot Schools,

12. Dimitrios Ververelis, Professional Helicopter Operator,

13. Maria Gatsou, General Director of the Association of Greek Tourism Enterprises (SETE).

Mr. Xifaras is appointed coordinator of the Committee, who will convene and coordinate its work.

The term of office of the Committee ends with the submission of its observations and the drawing up of a note with its conclusions to the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport. As stated in the announcement of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, no compensation is paid to the Coordinator, the members and the acting secretary of the Commission, for their participation in it.