With Sgouropoulos, Terpou, Papadimitriou and Tsekoura, the WTT Feeder of Croatia starts on Tuesday


In the city of Varazdin, the World Table Tennis Feeder of Croatia starts on Tuesday and ends next Sunday, and four members of our national teams, Yannis Sgouropoulos, Elisavet Terpou, Malamatenia Papadimitriou and Dimitra-Thomais Tsekoura, are taking part.

Their first goal is a good course and the collection of valuable points, as all the children have the motivation of participating in the European Singles Pre-Olympic tournament. Next to Panagiotis Gionis and Katerina Toliou, we remind you that one more athlete and one athlete will be selected for Sarajevo, the global evaluation table before mid-April is the main criterion and this week Sgouropoulos is the second Greek and Terpou the second Greek. with Papadimitriou and Tsekouras following with a minimal difference in points.

The Greek colors come from the March Feeder, in the two consecutive Lebanon matches Sgouropoulos was in the 5-8th places and Gionis then in the 16th and in tournaments of the same level of the world federation the continuation is given. At “Arena Varazdin”, Sgouropoulos and our three female champions begin their efforts from the preliminaries.

Papadimitriou and Tsekoura are also competing in the women’s doubles, also in the preliminaries. Terpou has with her for technical guidance her personal trainer, Laura Nikolae.

The four-time European champion has a “bye” in the first qualifying round and in the “64” he will meet Kazakh Dastan Kenzigulov. The schedule has the men’s second round for Wednesday.

The women’s singles qualifiers take place on a board of “64”. In the first round, Papadimitriou faces Spain’s Yana Riera at 16:35.

Terpou was drawn with Dutch Tania Hele (17:45) and Cekura with Spanish Elvira Rudd (16:35).

The women’s doubles starts on Tuesday. Tsekoura/Papadimitriou meet the Ukrainians Veronika Matiunina/Solomiya Brateiko in the “16” of the qualifiers at 18:55.

The Dusseldorf Feeder will follow and will be the last in which athletes from the pre-Olympic team will participate before the closing of the declarations of participation for the Bosnia/Herzegovina Pre-Olympics.

The tournament will take place 8-12/04 and Panagiotis Gionis, Konstantinos Angelakis, Yiannis Sgouropoulos, Elisavet Terpou and Malamatenia Papadimitriou will go to Germany.

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