Euroferry Olympia: Documentary photos from inside the ship – Rescuers fight time


The searches on the ship “Euroferry Olympia” for the location of the 10 missing persons are in progress by specialized crews and executives of EMAK.

Inside the ship there are no flames but smoke, while the boat has been driven trailer in the sea area north of Corfu, where tugs continue to drop water to cool the metal surfaces and drop temperatures.

Conditions below which rescuers work with is particularly harsh due to the extreme temperatures and hazardous gases that are released. The exclusive photos published today by, which depict the disaster that has been caused, are also indicative.

Regarding the investigations, as well-informed sources in explain, they continue uninterruptedly, however, what complicates the work of the rescue teams is, apart from the huge temperatures, the very large volume of the ship.

“The research that has been done is extensive. However, there are parts of the ship that need to be ‘relaxed’ in order for rescuers to enter. Mainly at the rear of the ship and low, ie where the fire broke out. We are talking about 1,000 degrees Celsius. In addition, there are compressed gases that, when they find oxygen, will start to create small explosions. “People operate in these places for 15, 20 minutes and withdraw due to the extreme conditions,” they said characteristically.

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