By Yannis Anifantis

The withdrawal of the legal and technical addition that gave the right to private doctors of all specialties to cooperate with the hospitals of the E.S.Y was announced from the floor of the Parliament the Minister of Health Adonis Georgiadisafter the objections of the opposition and bad legislation, stressing that the provision will come with an amendment next week.

“I don’t want a major reform to be lost in a procedural debate. I delete it. I will bring it next week in an amendment”, the Minister pointed out, while addressing the opposition he emphasized that “claiming that there is a surprise is a pure lie”. “In my opinion, this whole discussion was preceded. I see the parliament as a field of dialogue and not of selfishness. Since you say that you didn’t realize that I would do something like that, because our government has established the rules of good legislation and I don’t want to leave any shadow we will bring it next week with an amendment,” said Adonis Georgiades from government offices.

“What you described to the committee and you bring here is essentially an article. It is independent. Bring an amendment and not ten minutes before with a legal technicality. Because it is not legally technical and of course there must be the report of the general accountant”, pointed out the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA Dionysis Kalamatianos, accusing the government of surprise. Michalis Katrinis from PASOK spoke about a provision of the law with “a disguised amendment that also raised issues of constitutionality”: “It is a surprise when you introduce a provision of the law at the end of the list. So the deputies do not have the right to position themselves”.

The rest of the opposition parties also expressed their objections, with Mr. Georgiadis stressing that this is a reform that “the medical world has requested together” which was placed in the committees.