“Intensive controls and the implementation of structural measures to bring order to the market continue unabated in order to deal with the unfair practices that cloud the consumer’s criteria” emphasized the Minister of Development Kostas Skrekas.

This is what Mr. Skrekas notes in his post on social media regarding what he mentioned, speaking today to ANT1 while adding that: “Since the beginning of 2023, more than 40,000 checks have been carried out and now there is greater compliance by companies with the margin legislation profits.

In the next period, citizens will have in their hands the upgraded e-katanalotis. On this platform the consumer can compile his own list of products from his home and compare prices by buying from the supermarket that can get them cheaper.

For Easter, I emphasized that our goal is for the lamb in the Easter Basket to be sold for 10 euros per kilo or even lower so that the family table is full. We undertake every possible initiative for the practical support of all our fellow citizens”.

In more detail, the minister, when asked about the new fines imposed on companies for misleading consumers, said that checks on the market and fines to offenders continue unabated, adding that the checks and fines have paid off as it appears from the checks that there are all and fewer violations

“Companies were fined for unfair commercial practices and misleading discounts. We bring order to the market, unfair commercial practices, which confuse and cloud the consumer’s judgment and ultimately cost more in his pocket, will not be tolerated. It is not easy for a consumer to monitor prices for a long time. We digitally collect thousands of prices and compare them. One of the common practices is to raise prices before sales so that companies lower prices after. Audits have exceeded 40,000 and we see the market slowly complying. We have to protect the consumer”, the Minister of Development said, among other things.

Mr. Skrekas referred to the upgraded platform of e-katanalotis, noting that every consumer can take a photo and write a report from his mobile phone, send it and a trigger will be given to DIMEA for control. He pointed out that through the platform the consumer can create a shopping basket and compare prices between supermarkets before proceeding with their purchases.

“Godparents’ Basket” and “Easter Basket” activated

The Minister made reference to the ‘Household Basket’, saying that overall it helped society, arguing that ‘Inflation within the ‘Household Basket’ was lower than general inflation, as revealed by the Competition Commission’s investigation.”

He also said that in the coming days the “Godfathers’ Basket” and “Easter Basket” will be activated, which will include the lamb and the goat.

As Mr. Skrekas pointed out, the goal for the price of the lamb in the “Easter Basket” is to be at 10 euros and lower. We don’t want to limit the profit of the producers, we want to limit the profit margin of the middlemen, this is the pressure on the chains, to keep the retail price below 10 euros, because these products must also be sold, otherwise there will be problem for the entire chain of production from the breeders upwards. Everyone has to cut their profits so consumers can make their purchases.”

Responding to a livestock farmer from Thessaly, who spoke of high production costs, especially in the highly affected area, Mr. Skrekas recalled that he is aware of the situation, adding that “we have many problems in the primary sector. There are over 30,000 applications from farmers and breeders who have been affected, the services are working day and night to be able to fairly compensate those affected by the bad weather in Thessaly”.

Referring to the issue of accuracy, Mr. Skrekas said that steps have been taken to address it and the battle continues, without anyone being able to say that the desired price reduction has occurred. He said however that “if you look at food inflation, in January it was 8.3% and in March it fell to 5.3%, by 40%. We have taken measures and they are starting to pay off such as in household cleaners and baby diapers where we have deflationary price trends. We are not going to be complacent. You saw that in the current we took measures and along the way they paid off”.

In effect from April 22 the “Godfather’s Basket” and from April 24 the “Easter Basket”

It is recalled that, as announced by the Ministry of Development, from Monday, April 22, 2024 until May 4, 2024, the “Godfathers’ Basket” comes into force, and from April 24, 2024 until May 4, 2024, the “Easter Basket”. In addition, the “Lent Basket” is valid until May 4.

It is noted that the “Easter Basket” is an extension of the “Household Basket”, as four new food categories are added, in order to constitute an additional outlet for consumers. The following products are included in the “Easter Basket”: Lamb, goat, bun and Easter chocolate eggs and related products.

The “Godfathers’ Basket” includes 12 categories of products and enables consumers who are godparents or parents of small children to make cheaper purchases during the Easter period.

In particular, the “Godfathers Basket” includes the following products:

• Easter candles – toys

• Board / Puzzle

• Toys with dolls, dollhouses and other accessories (imitation toys)

• Baby toys

• Action figures

• Construction and building games (eg brick games)

• Vehicles – RC

• Electronic games

• Sports toys (e.g. balls, children’s basketballs and goals)

• Soft toy

• Music games

• Chocolate eggs and similar products (optional).

It is recalled that the list of already existing products in the “Household Basket” is as follows:

1 Rice

2 Bread for toast

3 Loaf of bread (standard/packaged)

4 toasts

5 Spaghetti No. 6

6 All purpose flour

7 Legumes (lentils)

8 Legumes (beans)

9 Legumes (chickpeas)

10 Paris

11 Turkey (cold cuts)

12 Frozen fish

13 Fresh pork (packaged or not)

14 Fresh chicken (packaged or not)

15 Fresh beef (packaged or not)

16 Fresh whole milk

17 Fresh low-fat milk

18 Highly pasteurized milk (long shelf life) whole

19 Highly pasteurized (long-life) low-fat milk

20 Evaporated milk

21 Unflavored cow’s milk yogurt

22 Unflavored low-fat cow’s milk yogurt

23 Sliced ​​feta cheese

24 White cheese

25 Gouda cheese

26 Low-fat cheese

27 Preserved tomato juice

28 Eggs (cage and barn)

29 Margarines

30 Olive oil

31 Sunflower oil

32 Frozen vegetables (at least two of peas, okra, green beans)

33 White sugar

34 Sweeteners suitable for diabetics

35 Oat products (at least one)

36 Baby cream

37 Infant milk

38 Greek coffee

39 Instant coffee

40 French coffee

41 Orange juice

42 Laundry detergents (liquid and powder – not tablets)

43 Detergents for mopping and cleaning surfaces – bleaches

44 Dishwashing detergents for hand washing

45 Kitchen paper

46 Toilet paper

47 Toothpastes

48 Sanitary napkins or tampons

49 Shampoo

50 Soaps in solid state

51 Incontinence diapers

52 Diapers for babies

53 Baby wipes

54 Baby shampoo

55 Dog food

56 Foods for cats

The following products have been included in the “Lent Basket”:


Fasting Salads (spreads – e.g. eggplant salads, taramo salads)


Frozen seafood (at least two types).