The developments in the tragic case with the dead baby girl – just one year old – who was taken yesterday unconscious and breathed his last at the island’s hospital in Mr.

His body was taken in the morning to Rhodes for the forensics examination, which revealed that the baby died of “achoking due to swallowing food” and that there has been no rape.

During the baby’s first examination at the hospital last night, doctors found her presence of undigested food in his respiratory system, resulting in no flow of oxygen,

But they noticed that the infant brought abrasions and generalized juices in various parts of his body while they also found abnormal conditions on his lower body, which are not consistent with his age.

For the abrasions and hacks, the medical examiner could not determine when they are.

For death of the baby have been arrested parents of Roma according to information, as – in addition to bruises and abrasions – the body bears traces of sexual abuse.

They told the police that the infant’s injuries were the result of either being hit by her two (2) year old brother, or from some accidents.

For the evidence of sexual abuse, the parents stated ignorance.