free, due to lack of jurisdiction of the court, they were released four defendants which was held for membership in a criminal group, which committed ATM and home burglaries.

The Single-Member Criminal Appeal Court of Thessaloniki – before which they were referred to be tried – ruled that it is incompetent to try the case, because the multi-member criminal group is also accused of having interfered with the frequencies of EL.AS, which it was monitoring. The provisions of the specific offense – according to factors in the trial – are under the jurisdiction of the Joint Jury Court (JJC) and under these circumstances, the case was withdrawn from the docket, with the consequence that four of the defendants were released from prison with restrictive conditions, as they completed the limit of temporary detention (in this case 12 months).

The case file will be forwarded to the First Instance Prosecutor’s Office of Thessaloniki in order to initiate the process of referring them to the competent Criminal Court (MOD). A total of nine people are accused of the case, two of whom remain in pre-trial detention since they have not reached the limit of temporary detention (they were arrested later), while most of them had previously engaged the prosecuting authorities.

EL.AS had announced the dismantling of the criminal group. last May, when most of its alleged members were arrested during an operation in Nikopoli Thessaloniki, with the assistance of a group of EKAM. In the investigations carried out, four cars, two stolen motorcycles and a license plate, specialized tools – electro-hydraulic expanders for opening safes and ATMs, burglary tools, a transceiver tuned to EL.AS frequencies, an improvised oxygen cutting circuit with a gas-oxygen bottle were located and confiscated. , a disassembled pistol, cartridges and magazine.