It seems that the “message” for the murder of the policeman is unfolding Giorgos Lyggeridis in Rentis with the second group accused of criminal organization, which was brought to court in the morning.

Of the 32 accused who were involved today, they have been remanded in custody so far five accused, while the apologies continue. 12 accused have been sent to prison so far.

Among those remanded in custody from today’s proceedings, a 22-year-old man, who according to the case file had an active role in the incidents outside the stadium in Rentis, where the policeman was fatally hit with a naval flare.

In the evidence available to the investigator, it is described that the accused, with his features covered by a hood, also acted as a natural author, together with the rest of the group of perpetrators “and jointly carried out attacks against YAT police officers with him holding an improvised explosive-incendiary device and stones heading towards the police forces, participating in the attacks”. The 22-year-old also, according to the indictment, “participated in the organization and planning of the preparatory actions and in the transfer of the “warships” to the “Melina Merkouri” stadium”. Finally, it is attributed to him that together with a co-defendant of the same age “They signaled the start of the attacks to the perpetrators who were inside the “Melina Merkouri” Rentis Indoor Gym, urging them to leave the field”.

In the material available to the authorities, it appears, as described, that the 22-year-old entered the court during the first set and went “towards a group of fans who were standing, at the railing where there were banners that read ‘NEW 7 LIOSIA ” and “KAMATERO” and after a few seconds of prompting and pushing his hands to the group of people he addressed, the people immediately followed him with a quick step towards the exit of the field”.

Earlier, another accused for a leading role was sentenced to pre-trial detention in the criminal organization of followers.

The leading member, who together with four others are considered to be the leaders of the criminal organization and those who led to the murder of the policeman, is said to be the one who gave the signal for the start of the incidents outside the “Melina Merkouri” stadium. This is the defendant who, according to the authorities, had the nickname “short” who, on the afternoon of the fateful match in Rentis, was inside the stadium with the already remanded trap music artist manager.