The deputy mayor of Sparta was arrested for the kennel-hell of the municipality


The allegations of brutal behavior and horrific deaths of animals kept in the Sparta kennel, resulted in the Minister of Civil Protection, Takis Theodorikakos, initiating relevant proceedings and after the intervention of the Police, three arrests were made between them and the deputy mayor.

According to a statement by Mr. Theodorikakos, this development came after allegations of brutal behavior against the animals in the two kennels.

“Respect for stray animals is a self-evident obligation of every civilized person, let alone the competent authorities and those in charge. “The law is a law and is observed by everyone”, the Minister of Citizen Protection typically states.

The whole statement of Theodorikakou:

“After allegations of brutal behavior against animals in the two municipal kennels of Sparta, I ordered the immediate intervention of the Police. Three arrests were made. One of those arrested is the deputy mayor in charge, a police officer on special leave. The Secretary General of the Government, Grigoris Dimitriadis, also contacted me about the issue, who showed interest from the first moment. Respect for stray animals is an obvious obligation of every civilized person, let alone the competent authorities and those in charge. “The law is the law and is obeyed by all.”

The Mayor of the city, Petros Doukas, posted on his Facebook post regarding the issue of the kennel, emphasizing that regarding the very harsh posts about the homeless in the Municipality of Sparta, the guarding conditions can be very difficult and need several improvements. but things are not as they are presented as he claimed, among other things, in an extraordinary inspection carried out at the Agia Kyriaki and Xirokambi Hospital by the Veterinary Department of the Agricultural House & Veterinary Department of the Laconia Regional Unit, as mentioned in no. prot. 23637 / 24-01-2022 Autopsy report, the animals were found to be clinically healthy, had water at their disposal and were in good nutritional condition.

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