Public transport workers will also take part in the strike actions that will take place on May Day, who, among other things, demand:

Collective agreements with real wage increases, recruitment of permanent staff to fill all vacant organizational positions, abolition of all anti-labor provisions.

In Athens, the gathering of the GSEE and the Athens Labor Center will take place at 11 am. in Klathmonos square.

The gathering of ADEDY will take place in Korai Square at 11 am.

The pre-gatherings of PAME for the May Day strike at 10.30am in Syntagma Square have been set for 9.30am at the following points:

Kaningos Square:Federations, Unions and Committees of Struggle of workers in the private sector.

Concord:Federation of Craft Associations of Attica, Associations and Associations of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants, Federation of Women of Greece, Women’s Associations and Groups, Federations and Associations of Pensioners, mass bodies of the municipality of Athens, the South-West, West, North-West and North Districts of Athens.

Propylaea: Public and Private Education Unions, University and Research Institutions Employees’ Unions, Student Associations, Student Coordinators.

Pillars of Olympian Zeus: Unions of health and special education, Unions of Ministries, of the Decentralized and Regional administration, Unions of municipalities, mass organizations of the Eastern and Southern Districts of Athens.

Fixed Orbit Vehicles

Lines 1, 2 & 3 of the Metro will operate from 09:30 to 16:30 and the Tram from 09:00 to 21:00 due to the participation of workers’ unions in the strike mobilizations.


On Metro Line 1 (Piraeus – Kifissia) the last trains will depart:

from Kifissia and Piraeus at 16:35,

from Monastiraki to Kifissia at 16:51 and to Piraeus at 17:09,

from Omonia to Kifissia at 16:54 and to Piraeus at 17:07,

from Attica to Kifissia at 16:59 and to Piraeus at 17:02.

On Metro Lines 2 & 3: the last trains will depart:

from Anthoupoli to Elliniko at 16:13,

from Elliniko to Anthoupoli at 16:09,

from Municipal Theater to D. Placentias at 16:07,

from D. Plakentias to Municipal Theater at 16:09,

from Municipal Theater to Airport at 14:31 and

from Airport to Municipal Theater at 15:46.

– Tram:


the first train will depart from KALAMAKI at 09:17 and the last at 19:41 and

the first train will depart from AGIA TRIADA at 09:54 and the last at 20:19.


the first train will depart from PIKRODAFNI at 09:15 and the last at 19:23 and

the first train will depart from SYNTAGMA at 10:05 and the last at 20:06.

The Metro routes to and from the Airport will run normally between 09:30 – 16:30.

Buses – Trolleybuses

The OASA workers’ union and the ILPAP Workers’ Union announced their participation in the strike with work stoppages. In particular, buses and trolleys will not run from the start of the shift until 09:00 in the morning and from 21:00 until the end of the shift. Itineraries are normally expected to run on the urban lines taken over by KTEL.

Trains – Suburban

The Panhellenic Federation of Railways and Fixed Track Vehicles unanimously decided to participate in the 24-hour pan-Hellenic strike.

Hellenic Train in its announcement informs the passenger public that, due to the strike mobilization announced by GSEE, for May Day, in which the Panhellenic Railway Federation (POS) also participates, tomorrow M. Wednesday, May 1, there will be suspensions and changes to routes across the network.

Itineraries that will be made with security personnel

However, for the best possible service to the passenger public, Hellenic Train will operate the following routes with security personnel:

In the section Athens – Thessaloniki – Athens: 52, 53, 56 and 57

In the section Larissa – Thessaloniki – Larissa: 1591, 1592, 2593, 2594, 1597 and 1598

On the Piraeus – Kiato – Piraeus section: 1300, 1305, 1318, 1323, 1326 and 2301

On the Piraeus – Airport – Piraeus section: 1206, 1207, 1222, 1223, 1230 and 1231

On the section Athens – Chalkida – Athens: 1532, 1535, 1550, 1553, 2530 and 2533

In the Kiato – Patra – Kiato section, the following bus routes will take place:

From Patras C15 (14:25) and C23 (18:25)

From Kiato C14 (16:05) and C24 (20:05)

Itinerary changes

Also, due to the strike, the following itineraries are modified:

In the Piraeus-Kiato-Piraeus section:

On M. Tuesday 30.04.2024 trains 2302 and 2304 will make their route from Piraeus to Ano Liosia by train and in the section Ano Liosia – Kiato they will be replaced by buses.

In the Athens-Chalkida-Athens section:

On M. Tuesday 30.04.2024 train 2534 will run from Athens to Afidnai by train and in the Afidnai – Chalkida section it will be replaced by a bus. Also, train 2539 in the Chalkida – Oinoi section will be replaced by a bus.

For more information about the routes, consult the local ticket offices, the electronic ticketing (, the Hellenic Train application for mobile devices (HellenicTrain App), or 14511 (passenger service telephone )”.

Ships tied up in ports

ADEDY will also participate in the strike called by GSEE on May Day, as stated in its announcement.

“The Executive Committee of ADEDY calls on public employees to actively participate in the strike and in the strike gatherings that will take place on Wednesday, May 1, 2024, throughout the country,” reports ADEDY.

The ADEDY strike gathering in Athens will take place at 11:00 am. in Klathmonos Square, along with that of GSEE.