Complete scholarship for Williams College at Massachusetts of the USA succeeded 18 year old Anastasis Vassiliadis, a student of the 3rd Lyceum, who won first place in the Panhellenic competition last year Economic Olympiad and this year he again passed to the final of the event.

Next August, Anastasis will fly to America to attend the four-year study program at mathematical economics and as he points out in APE-MPE, one of the areas he wishes to deal with is the use of finance for political and social purposes.

“A typical example of the use of finance to improve society is the special programs implemented in America for the development of professional skills and the empowerment of women or the initiatives of international organizations that promote global welfare and social progress,” he notes. After all, he characterizes the subject as difficult because, as he points out, one cannot predict the future, yet the sector in question is the one that takes care of economic progress, the creation of jobs, the creation of research centers and development in general.

When asked how he sees himself in ten years, he answers that it is a difficult question and states: “I may be in Greece, I may be in America, I may be in Africa directing development programs for socially vulnerable groups”.

As for the things he liked when he was young, he says:when i was little i wanted to be a pilot. Maybe I still want to be. The sky gives a freedom and tells you that you can go wherever you want. It gives you that openness and lets you dream and be able to progress. For me, the sky symbolizes freedom and dreams.”

However, his mother, Maria Poirazidou, tells APE-MPE that when Anastasis was small, was generally wanted and liked to tackle many things. He liked foreign languages ​​and at the age of four he wanted to know the world. “I then took him a world map. I didn’t know what else to do. Now we support him in whatever he wants. We are helpers and we will try to provide him with everything he needs to achieve what he wants,” he adds.

As for the Financial Olympiad, Anastasis Vasiliadis points out that it is a competition that succeeds in promoting financial literacy and helps young men and women acquire knowledge so that they are ready to respond to a difficult society. As, after all, he estimates “the world is now interested in finance and understands its importance in the world today”.

Anastasis is a scholarship holder and boarder at the Anatolia American College and comes from Alexandroupoli.