Without street carnival, see how to have a delivery party without leaving home


To the sadness of the revelers, this year there will be another Carnival without a block on the street or a float. Despite the veto to revelry, because of the increase in cases of coronavirus, many paulistanos will not go to work and will have four or five days off from Saturday (26).

Then the question arises: what to do, if the idea is to maintain the security protocols and not leave?

It is possible to join the stay at home block, gathering a few friends or family members, but keep drinking and eating with delivery suggestions. Check below 20 options, in all regions of the city, to drink or snack.


Tarantino Brewery

Considered the largest urban brewery in São Paulo, this is a project of three friends in the Limão neighborhood – one of them, Gilberto Tarantino, was responsible for bringing the American pale ale style to Brazil. In addition to the can, the customer can choose to receive the beer in one-liter growlers, such as Sour Maracujá e Mate, for R$ 56.43, based on berliner weisse, passion fruit pulp and organic mate infusion.
Via WhatsApp (11) 92006-6573, cerariatarantino.com.br or iFood

hamburger dizzy

Founded in 1969 in Vila Maria, the snack bar gained a new address in Santana and is a reference in the region. For delivery, it is worth ordering the Dizzy CostelaBurger, priced at R$39, with 170 g of black angus ribs, cheddar, grilled onion and tomato, barbecue sauce and black bread.
Via dizzy.com.br or iFood

The Compadre

With farm food, artisanal preparation and a hearty buffet, the house has remained loyal to Vila Maria’s clientele since 1992. More than a hundred dishes of Brazilian cuisine come out of the kitchen. The suggestion is the feijoada (from R$56 for one person), with ribs, jerky, sausage and paio, accompanied by rice, cabbage, crackling and farofa.
Via delivery.compadre.com.br, by phone (11) 2252-3131 or iFood

Ground fire

The chain of steakhouses offers the Fogo Butchery experience, a box with meats to make your barbecue at home. Costing R$250 and serving up to six people, one of the kits comes with 500 g of sirloin steak, 500 g of ancho steak, 400 g of chicken, 300 g of pork sausage, chimichurri sauce, vinaigrette and farofa.
Via Whatsapp (11) 97630-9133 or iFood


Locale Caffe

This house is a mix of bar and Italian cafe, right in the heart of Itaim Bibi. With the cocktail shop signed by Márcio Silva, one of the most renowned mixologists in the country, the drinks arrive from delivery in nice little bottles. For R$39 each, you can get the classic Negroni, Aperol Spritz and mimosa, as well as the Pickles Martini, with pickle-infused gin and extra dry vermouth.
Via Whatsapp (11) 94140-4371 or Rappi

Santiago winery

With three units in São Paulo and Iberian cuisine, the chain has just included Caixa Tapas in its delivery. Priced at R$169, the selection includes small portions of jamon serrano, manchego cheese, seasoned almonds, duck croquette, sea skewer (squid, octopus and grilled shrimp) with aioli sauce on the side and breads to accompany.
via iFood

the brazier

For more than five decades, the chickens have been successful in the capital of São Paulo. Started in Vila Mariana in 1969, the house is now under the command of the third generation of the family, but maintains the proposal of offering food to share. The roasted bird (from R$44 for two people) can be accompanied by fried polenta, roasted onions, various salads, farofa, rice, among others, charged separately.
Via Whatsapp (11) 95496-9981 or iFood


From Vila Olímpia, the address specializes in hamburgers made with a 100% wagyu blend and Asian recipes. To make the experience more intimate, the delivery service offers the Brugi Kit (R$110) to prepare Cheese Brugi at home. The box has four loaves of bread, four 160 g disks, a tube of american cheese, a portion of mayonnaise of your choice and butter to brown the bread.
Via Whatsapp (11) 97410-8886, Rappi or iFood



A classic of Northeastern food, this house in the Anália Franco region specializes in cachaça — so much so that it called the first cachaça sommelier in the country, Leandro Batista, to sign the brandy letter. The caipirinhas (R$24.90) are creative in name and mix. One tip is to try Nega É Minha e Não Tasca, with Tahiti lime, Sicilian lime and brown sugar, and Da Quebrada, with blueberry, pineapple, Sicilian lime and sugar with cinnamon and rosemary.
Via Rappi


Based on the recipes of immigrants, the address offers a rich menu of starters — especially the cold lizard, for R$36, with marinated meat, peppers and red onions served with French bread; and for the portion of pastries, with four units and fillings with shrimp (R$ 34) or meat (R$ 23).
Via iFood and Rappi

Uru Sea parrilla

Conceived by four cousins, the restaurant delves into the delicacies of Uruguayan cuisine. From the grill of more than three meters, several recipes for vegetables, seafood and meats come out. One suggestion is the lamb shoulder (R$249 for up to four people), roasted for eight hours and accompanied by sautéed mushrooms or rustic potatoes, roasted garlic and yogurt sauce with mint.
Via Rappi

Draco Still Casa, Lar

Responsible for the production of the first premium Brazilian London dry gin, the distillery offers an exclusive line for Carnival. With recipe suggestions for four, eight or 12 people, with prices starting at R$110, the box has a gin and items such as ginger foam, ginger infusion and tropical infusion.
Via dracogin.com.br/carnaval


Caledonia Whiskey & Co

Inspired by foreign whiskey bars such as New York’s Flatiron Room and London’s Black Rock Bar, the house offers bottled doses of blends, single malts, bourbons and the like from around the world – with prices starting at Rs. $12. There are three-serving kits that are a sensory experience.
Via caledoniawhiskyco.com.br, Whatsapp (11) 93022-2291, Cornershop, iFood

São Conrad

With a delivery radius of seven kilometers between Itaim Bibi and Pinheiros, the bar has the feel of a pub and a menu with typical Portuguese cuisine recipes and the classics of low cuisine. For snacks, it is worth ordering the portions of dumplings, such as cod (R$ 59.90), ribs (R$ 53.90) and feijoada (R$ 39.90). All come with eight units each.
Via Rappi

Tavern 474

The house has just launched a tasting with marine ingredients, exclusive for delivery. Caixa do Mar costs R$199 and features five cold recipes for casserole: a white fish crudo, an octopus salad with tomato, a tuna tartar, a salmon tartar and two scallops. Comes with toast and two sauces.
Via Ifood

Paris Bistrot

Chef Alain Poletto has created options with typically French dishes to finish at home. The recipes are sent separately in several bags, which must be heated in the oven or skillet. There is boeuf bourguignon (R$59), octopus à la Provençal (R$98) and shoulder of lamb with applesauce (R$214, for three people). To make it easier, the box comes with a QR code that gives access to the step-by-step preparation.
Via bistrotdeparis.com.br/shop, phone (11) 3063-1675, WhatsApp (11) 99658-5901 or iFood


Grand Cru

The importer has several actions to keep the cellars supplied for Carnival. Grand Solde is the biggest wine promotion and has labels such as Nocturno Brut, Nocturno Dulce Natural and Nocturno Rosé Brut sparkling wines for R$74.90 each. When buying four bottles, the lowest value is free.
Via Whatsapp (11) 99296-7530, Rappi or iFood

Le Blé House of Breads

The bakery and pastry shop, headquartered in Higienópolis and branch in Jardins, offers some themed kits for delivery. The so-called Happy Hour, priced at R$199, includes two baguettes, 400 grams of homemade sausages (ham, pastrame, roast beef, etc.), a goat’s camembert cheese and a bottle of red wine.
Via Whatsapp (11) 97122-3530 or iFood


In addition to classic dishes, chef Carla Pernambuco’s Brazilian bistro also serves light, flavorful snacks, such as Vietnamese rolls with steamed shrimp (R$53 for two units) and Serra da Canastra cheese patties with honey sauce. and pepper (R$ 49 with six units).
Via phone (11) 3661-8670, Whastapp (11) 98225-6030 or iFood

Braz Veloce

The proposal here is to have Bráz’s pizzas anywhere. The discs are pre-baked in a wood oven and vacuum-packed so that they can be finished at home. The pasta has a medium size, which yields six slices, and is available in four flavors: four cheeses (R$52); castelões (R$ 52), with mozzarella and homemade pepperoni; mozzarella (R$ 43); and Bráz (R$47), with slices of zucchini with garlic and parmesan.
Via emporio.devoro.com.br

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