The operation of Primary Education units (Kindergartens & Primary schools) throughout the Municipality of Chania is suspended for Wednesday 12 and Thursday 13 June 2024, due to heat.

The decision was taken, in order to ensure the protection of students and teachers against adverse weather conditions, in a meeting held at the Chania town hall, in the presence of the vice-mayors of Education & Lifelong Learning and Civil Protection and Climate Change, Antonis I. Vardakis and Manolis Lekkas , respectively, following the emergency report of the National Meteorological Service, as well as the expected transport of dust predicted for the next few hours.

At the same time, for schools that have scheduled end of the school year celebrations on the above dates, it is recommended: either to hold them after 19:30-20:00, so that there is no intense heat, or to move the ceremonies to another date, after a relevant decision of the respective school community. As for the Children’s/Nursery Centers of the Municipality of Chania, their operation will continue without interruption, as all the rooms have sufficient air conditioning, while the teachers in the specific units will follow the specific instructions for limiting the use of outdoor spaces.

As regards the Secondary Education (High School-High School) units of the Municipality of Chania, which are in the examination period, the Municipality of Chania has ensured that they are equipped with additional means of air conditioning (portable A/C, fans, etc.), so as not to disturb the student exam schedule. There is also a strong recommendation that the exams be carried out – if possible – in rooms that are not in direct contact with the sun. For more information and instructions regarding heat protection, citizens can visit the website of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection at

In Rethymno, the avoidance of pedestrian traffic and stay in the countryside, seaside areas, gorges and other hiking routes, where there is a risk of heat exhaustion is recommended by the Regional Unit due to the high temperatures expected until Friday 14-6-2024.

According to the instructions of the General Secretariat of Civil Protection, in the event of a heat wave, citizens are asked to avoid sunbathing and stay in shady and cool places away from crowded places. According to the instructions, citizens are asked to avoid heavy physical work, especially in places with high temperature, apnea and high humidity, walking for a long time or running under the sun. The authorities invite the citizens to be informed about the precautionary measures which, among other things, concern the elderly and children as well as people suffering from chronic diseases (respiratory, cardiovascular, etc.).

From the Municipality of Apokoronas in Chania, by the decision of the mayor Charalambos Koukianakis, the primary education units (Primary Schools and Kindergartens) will remain closed for tomorrow, Wednesday, June 12 and for Thursday, June 13, 2024, due to the heat. The decision was made to ensure the health of the students due to the adverse weather conditions that are expected, according to the emergency bulletin of the National Meteorological Service. For the schools that have planned the end of the school year celebrations on the above dates, the municipal authority recommends that they take place in the afternoon hours, preferably after 19:00, in order to avoid the exposure of students, teachers and parents to the very high temperatures.

Regarding the Apokorono Municipality’s Kindergartens, their operation will continue as normal, as the municipality has provided for air conditioning and the attendance of children is optional.

As for Secondary Education schools, their operation will continue uninterrupted so as not to disrupt the students’ exam schedule, while it is recommended to use rooms that have air conditioning or that are not directly exposed to the sun.