The perpetrators of the brutal attack that the volunteers received in Parnithawas identified and arrested by the police, following a coordinated investigation.

The violent incident had taken place in the early hours of May 25, in the area of ​​Fyli, when two volunteers were needlessly attacked by a group of individuals.

The police identified the perpetrators and proceeded to arrest five Greeks, aged 22 and 23. They were charged with gang assault, attempted murder, assault and violation of weapons laws.

Her announcement in detail police:

From the West Attica Security Sub-Directorate of the Attica Security Directorate, a case of violent attack against two volunteers, in the area of ​​Fyli on 05-25-2024, was investigated.

For the case, -5- citizens, aged 22 and 23, were arrested, against whom a case file was filed for gang, attempted murder, bodily harm and violation of weapons legislation.

Regarding the history of the case, in the evening hours of May 24, 2024, a group of volunteers, consisting of -4- people, spent the night in an outdoor area of ​​the Tribe, where, as part of their action, they would carry out cleaning actions.

In the early morning hours of May 25, -7- people, riding in -2- vehicles, approached the volunteers and, after a few minutes of conversation between them, launched an organized attack against -2- volunteers, using a sharp object and with fists, whom they wounded grievously, and then fled.

With special investigative operations, technical – digital investigations and analysis of video material, the above perpetrators were identified, -5- of whom were arrested in an organized operation that took place in the morning hours today, Thursday, June 20, 2024.

As part of the operation, which took place in the areas of Acharna and Aegaleo, with the assistance of police officers from the Security Departments of Fylis, Aegaleo and Ilio, -1- a knife (butterfly type), a number of mobile phones and -2- the vehicles used by the perpetrators.

At the same time, during the investigations, it emerged the involvement of another person, who belongs to the circle of perpetrators, in a drug case, against whom a case file was filed.

Those arrested will be taken to the competent prosecuting authority, while investigations to identify and arrest the rest of the perpetrators continue.