1878: The representatives of the Great Powers at the Berlin conference accept the cession of Thessaly and part of Epirus, specifically the region of Arta to Greece. (July 5 with the new calendar)

1894: The International Olympic Committee is founded in Paris by Baron Pierre de Coubertin. The Greek Dimitris Vikelas takes over as its first president.

1902: The name “Mercedes” is first adopted as a trade name by the German car manufacturer Daimler. Mercedes was the name of the daughter of the wealthy Austrian businessman Emil Jellinek, who asked the company officials to build him “a car for the day after tomorrow”, which he named after his daughter. Almost at the same time, he will also join the company’s board of directors.

1913: Greek forces occupy Doirani, during the Second Balkan War.

1964: Prime Minister George Papandreou meets at the White House with US President Lyndon Johnson and strongly resists the latter’s pressure to accept concessions on the Cyprus issue.

1997: The famous actor Marlon Brando, who is visiting Greece, as a guest of the Latsis Group, speaks at an event at the “Pallas Athena” palace on the protection of the environment.


1908: M. Karagatsis, philological pseudonym of Dimitris Rodopoulos, Greek writer. (“Jugerman”, “Colonel Liapkin”) (Died 9/14/1960)

1912:Alan Turing, British mathematician and cryptographer, one of the pioneers of computing, with important work on algorithms. (D. 7/6/1954)

1936: Kostas Simitis, Greek politician, who served as prime minister and president of PASOK.


1995: Jonas Salk, American biologist, who discovered the polio vaccine. (Born 28/10/1914)

1996: Andreas Papandreou, Greek politician, founder of PASOK and prime minister (1981-1989, 1993-1996). (Born 5/2/1919)

2005: Manolis Anagnostakis, Greek poet. (Born 9/3/1925)