By Antonis Anzoletou

In readiness for the eventuality early elections has been set o SYRIZAaccording to party sources, estimating that her wear and tear N.D. will continue and therefore Kyriakos Mitsotakis “will not easily endure until the end of the four years”. Based on this assessment, the Koumoundourou officials draw up the party’s strategy, in two main pillars: Constant pounding against the government alongside suggestions and programmatic reason, in order to guarantee the leading role of the party in the whole range of developments. There is also one in progress “barrage” of initiatives in which SYRIZA systematically advances and consistently includes the element of invitation – challenge to the progressive parties of the opposition, based on the outline given by Stefanos Kasselakis, during his speech to the party’s Parliamentary Group.

Towards this end, the first ones have already started processes for cooperation of the progressive forces in chambersthe unionsthem scientific associationsthe self-government and all of them carriers representing society. The aim is to form as soon as possible and more dynamically, social alliances that will give impetus to the creation of a front for a convincing and sustainable alternative power proposal.

In this context is also included meeting who recently held the presidency of K.O. in the Parliament. of the party, with all of them representatives of the self-employedthe day the official opposition tabled the amendment to abolish their presumptive method of taxation.

With all these moves in Koumoundourou, they are trying to leave behind the introversion that was caused during the week on the occasion of the removals from the payroll of Thanasis Theocharopoulos and George Tsipras. For the former director of the parliamentary group, everything shows that the break with SYRIZA is complete. Some argue that the specific moves were made inelegantly and not at the right time. The moment in PASOK the tremors are intense, Koumoundourou succeeds and focuses the lights on her as well.

THE Stefanos Kasselakis is expected to be in the US by the end of next week. In addition to the contacts he is making with expatriates and businessmen, in order to prepare his Foundation, on Tuesday he has arranged to grant an interview to the Wall Street Journal.