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“He killed me because he is a man and I was a woman” – Student video for the 17 murders of 2021


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– “He killed me because I wanted our relationship to end … He killed me because he is a man and I was a woman”

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– “Yes, I was the one who killed her, but it was not my fault, she caused it … Anyway, I still loved her. It was my life “

The memory of 17 women where were killed last year they honored students of the 1st class of the 2nd Model Lyceum of Thessaloniki “White Tower”,on the occasion of today International Women’s Day . Through a two and a half minute video they created, they highlight the gender stereotypes, prejudices and abusive behaviors that have been the background for crimes against women.

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“The 17 homicides of last year have left an indelible mark on Greek society “, say the students who participate in the video, which is shown through the school channel on a digital film playing platform and specifically at the link

“THE gynecology was the new word added last year to the daily vocabulary. “Our goal is to spread the message about what lies beneath these crimes, what is the real reason behind trivial reasons that brainless men invoke to commit their crimes,” student Stratos Kallinos told APE-MPE. who directed the video, featuring his classmates Georgia Zoidis, Faye Thessaloniki, Eleanna Kontopoulou, Danae Kyrvei, Chryssa Moula, Stamatia Yfantidou and his classmate Nikolas Kanaridis,

“The political education course focuses on social issues and the human rights section we worked with the children on this video. We discuss in class all the issues that concern them and gender-based violence is something that due to the large number of female homicides lately, has occupied us intensely. The children tried to understand the psychology of the perpetrator and how easy it is for someone to finally get to the point of taking a life “, said the responsible teacher of the class, Agni Pliaka, to APE-MPE.

In the beginning video bearing the title «17»the students who take part in it, utter in the role of the victims and against a black background some of the stereotypes that have been the cause of crimes against women: “He killed me because I wanted our relationship to end”, “I looked elsewhere”, “I was wearing them clothes I liked “,” I disagreed with his views “,” I wanted him to come home early and not spend the night drinking “,” I had custody of the children “,” I refused to sleep with him “,” I wanted to see my parents ” regularly “,” I spoke, I said my opinion “,” so he wanted “,” he was jealous “,” I wanted to study “,” he always wanted me to be with him “,” I was late to get home, “he killed me because he is a man and I was a woman. “

Then in his role perpetrator , their classmate makes arguments that have been invoked by perpetrators of gender-based crimes: “Yes, I was the one who killed her, but it was not my fault, she caused it. I had told her so many times not to go out with her friends. Shouldn’t we go out together, discuss everything together, have fun together? Last time she dressed provocatively again. I told her to change clothes. And the degree? Which degree? After we decided to start a family. Anyway, I loved her anyway. It was my life. “

The video closes with reference to 17 women where were killed the 2021 and the fact that since the beginning of 2022 two more female homicides have occurred.

The students refer to Articles 1 and 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 1, All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and must act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Article 3, Each individual has the right to life, liberty and security of person).

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