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Konistra park “returns” to Petralona – Basketball and tennis courts have been completely upgraded


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After a decade of abandonment and decline, another valuable green space and sport, the historical park of Konistra in Petralona, re-integrates into the life of the Athenians. The first step for the total renovation of the space is the functional and aesthetic upgrade of the two basketball courts and the tennis court located inside the park, which was done through the pioneering program “Adopt your city”.

The action is part of the overall and ongoing planning of the Municipality of Athens for the complete modernization of the majority of the open sports centers of Athens (basketball, volleyball, tennis) by the end of the current term.

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For the reconstruction project, the donation was accepted by Novibet and him Giannis Antetokounbothrough the Giant Heart corporate initiative: Novibet is doing an important job of renovating stadiums in neighborhoods, so that all children can have easy access to sports facilities.

K. Bakoyannis: “Our strategy for the revitalization of public space is bearing fruit”

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“Our strategy for a sustainable and resilient city is already bearing fruit. We want to offer more quality space to the Athenians and in this direction we continue with careful planning. Today, another step is being taken in Petralona. After many years of abandonment and legal issues, the Municipality of Athens started with the decisive contribution of the company Novibet, through the program “Adopt your city” to remodel the spaces of the park, upgrading the stadiums in the first phase. By the end of our current term, we will have delivered to the city and its inhabitants, fully upgraded 80% of our sports facilities “, says in a statement the Mayor of Athens, Costas Bakogiannis.

The municipal authority utilizes every available financial tool and creates alliances, joining forces with public and private sector bodies, in order to give the Athenians more, but also even better quality public space, with modern equipment and safe facilities.

An integral part of this great effort is the pioneering program “Adopt your City”, through which the Municipality of Athens manages once again to breathe new life into a historical park, that of Konistra, which has been connected since 1923 – when it was created by the National Council of Greek Women – with the people and the memories of the neighborhood.

The important for Petralona and Athens lung of green, area of ​​about 8 acres, which for a decade remained closed and abandoned, until the current municipal authority legally claimed it, gained ownership and planned from the beginning its reform.

The new, upgraded sports facilities in Konistra have already opened their doors and daily welcome hundreds of Athenians, of all ages, who love sports.

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